Pet Taxi

Home to Shieldaig to Home

If you find yourself without transport or just prefer a hassle free service we can Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO) your pets for you. Fully insured, air-conditioned vehicles are available to transport your pets safely between your home and Shieldaig giving you a less stressful start to your journey.

Airport Service

If you are coming to Spain we can arrange to have your dog or cat met at Alicante airport and deliver your animal directly to your home or board them in our kennels or cattery until you are settled in your new home.


If you are moving to a new location in Spain we can relocate your pets for you. This is a door to door same day service for most parts of Spain and ensures you are more focused on dealing with organising everything else related to setting up your new home.


Charges for our Pet Taxi services start from 20 per journey for local Pick Up or Drop Off within a 15km radius of Shieldaig. This can vary depending on your actual location. For longer journies, airport or relcoation services please ask us for a quotation.

‘where to Guv?’

‘Shieldaig please!’