Woodland Cattery

Our purpose build brick Woodland Cattery is situated within the pine forest, each of our Cat Casitas has a fully closed penthouse sleeping area leading into a secure run, each Casita has an enclosed sleeping box, pillows, blankets, chairs, cushions & toys all for your Cat’s home comforts.

We encourage wild birds to bath and nest in the pine trees which keeps the Cats visually stimulated and amused for hours.

All are brick built to avoid infection.

Cosy Cattery

Each one of our Cat Casitas are comfortable, secure and brick build complete with separate sleeping and toilet areas. There is a large secure play area where each individual Cat can roam, snuggle up on a chair or play with toys or feline apparatus.


Please let us know of any recent illnesses or problem as this will be monitored.

Health & Safety Requirement

All our Cats are NEVER mixed except within their own family unit at owners request only.

Emergency 24 hour Veterinary Care

Veterinary Surgeons are on call 24 hours a day. If we feel your Cat needs Veterinary attention it will be taken to a Veterinary Surgeon or in some cases a Veterinary Surgeon would be called. Any Veterinary charges will be added to your final bill.


Cats are fed on dry ┬┤complete┬┤ biscuits in the morning and a variety of wet food in the evening.

All cats have biscuits to nibble during the night but please feel free to bring your own food if you wish.

If you want to make a reservation for your pet, please WhatsApp or call Viv on 603 166 297 or fill in our short booking form.